How can qualitycrops benefit you?

Harness the knowledge of industry experts and informed decision making

  • Save your business time and money
  • Increase yields and improve crop performance
  • Use past performance to develop future plans
  • Gain greater control over your investment
  • Keep your records securely online

What qualitycrops can provide

Real industry expertise

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    Orchard Management

    Full or partial options. Our industry independence means quality is not sacrificed for quantity. We believe the two go hand in hand to deliver better than industry returns for you.

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    Online Data Recording, Analysis and Benchmarking

    Key stakeholders and investors can easily access all the data they require by simply logging in online from anywhere in the world.

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    Consultancy & Greenfield Development

    We can visit you to discuss issues, assess strengths and improvement opportunities and report solutions. We can also discuss greenfield development opportunities.

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    Orchard Appraisals

    Whether buying or selling there is merit in having an orchard appraised to support marketing plans.


Customer Testimonial

I am really pleased with the move to qualitycrops. Our Manager Larry recognises that quality fruit and vine health comes first, that each orchard is different, and is available when I need him. The qualitycrops team are committed to serving the grower without compromise from external parties, this gives maximum focus and dedication to providing the best possible outcome. I have no hesitation referring qualitycrops to all growers looking to improve quality and ultimately returns for their investment.
Rob Thode
- Orchard Owner

Solutions for your peace of mind!

Our KPIN based pricing plans keep it all simple


25% off Orchard Management

  • + GST
  • *25% off for first 6 months - New customers only
  • *Free cropdata software for orchard if managed by qualitycrops
  • *Full access to cropdata reporting software
  • *Full access to our NZ benchmarking data


Our monthly pricing plan


  • + GST for NZ customers
  • *50% off for first 6 months - New customers only
  • *Free if orchard is managed by qualitycrops
  • *One price per KPIN, multiple varieties
  • *Full access to cropdata reporting software
  • *Full access to our NZ benchmarking data

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See for yourself how easy orchard management is with our team.

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