Orchard Management

  • Depending on growers needs we can fully or partially manage orchards.
  • The service we provide extends into arranging and supervising all services required to grow crops. eg. fertiliser, pollination, spraying, mowing, vine management, hedge trimming, and repairs and maintenance.
  • Professional operational reporting for corporate investors

Online Data Recording

  • Record those critical dates.
  • Just go on line and record all of the important dates and events on your orchard.
  • The record will be there for all time and you’ll be able to plan subsequent season work. You will also be able to compare seasonal trends.
  • We use this function to record vital statistics such as winter buds per square metre, bud burst date and percentage, flowers per square metre, ratio of flowers to winter bud and fruit per square metre.
  • If gathering the data is difficult for you then we can provide the service. Just contact us and we will arrange marking monitor bays and counting.

Online Orchard Analysis and Benchmarking

  • Simply follow the steps on line and enter costs by category. Your net margin is then reported by hectare, by actual trays and by forecast trays.
  • The unique benefit of this database is that your costs and net margin can then be benchmarked against ever increasing canopy areas and tray volumes in the group.
  • You can view and print your orchard KPIN details at any time. Expenses details are being entered daily but the integrity of the data is protected.

Orchard Consultancy & Greenfields Development

  • qualitycrops can visit you on site, discuss problems, assess strengths and weaknesses and report solutions.
  • We are able to provide programmed repeat visits to assess progress.
  • Performance can be monitored and benchmarked to guide decision making.
  • Investment reviews and decisions are made easy through our technical and financial expertise.

Orchard Appraisals

  • Whether buying or selling there is merit in having an orchard appraised to support marketing plans.
  • We will visit the orchard, analyse production history and present a professionally prepared report.
  • You may just want a visit to assess the strengths and opportunities¬†of the orchard and its production potential.



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